Plasma Thawing Device


The Barkey plasmatherm is a device for thawing out and warming of all bagged conserves of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), blood and erythrocyte concentrates (EC), cryopreserved preparations, cryopreserved stem cells (HPC) or infusions solutions.

Safe and simple operation even with unpractised personnel

Provable and documentable thawing out and warming process

Universal application for:

– plasma

– blood

– thawing out stem cells

– continuous operation and user-specific settings (possible without additional modules)

Optical and acoustic permanent signal after heating duration is complete

Retention of biological quality rating of transfusion material due to heating time limitation

Visual check of conserves during temperature control

Menu-controlled user guidance

Direct selection of blood or plasma

Leak checks = contamination and infection protection for personnel and patient

Temperature setting: +37 to max. +45 °C
Interfaces / devices: Optional RS 232, barcode scanner, log printer,
  Ethernet connection
Dimensions (WxDxH): 340 x 600 x 320 mm
Weight without filling: 18 kg
Filling quantity: 9 l
Safety class: I
Identification: CE 0123